Chiropractic Testimonials

"My husband & I have been patients of Dr. Blanchard for over 30 years.  In those years, he has shown kindness, compassion, friendship and skill beyond belief in helping relieve pain from minor irritations to major life-changing levels.  He has a wealth of experience and knowledge and is continually striving to learn as much as possible to help his patients.

We have complete confidence in Dr. Blanchard and are so thankful to have his expertise available to help keep us mobile & pain free.  His office assistant, Valerie, is always courteous, friendly & helpful – even for our last minute calls for an appointment."

- Karen

"Dr. Blanchard thank you for helping me with my health problems. Prior to treatment with you, there was not a day that went by that my back did not hurt, that my hips did not hurt if I stood or sat for longer than 45 minutes. Additionally, I had headaches daily and all of this made my life very miserable. Dr. Blanchard came highly recommended by my boss and her family. As they became aware of my problems they encouraged me to consult Dr. Blanchard. I put this off for a while the whole time thinking to myself, "i just don't see how chiropractic care could help with my problems." Finally, not having anything to risk, I made an appointment with Dr. Blanchard. To my surprise, I began to notice improvement quickly. I am feeling so much better. I have almost finished the treatments and rarely have any pain or headaches. Previously, I was in pain and had a headache daily. I encourage anyone with health problems to just give Dr. Blanchard a try. He will tell you if he can help and if he can't, he will tell you this also. I am happy that I took the recommendation of my boss, and only wish I had started sooner.


 - Brianna Ballard

"For years I have suffered with jaw pain when eating. When taking my first bite of food I would have intense pain when I opened my mouth wide. I would also grind my teeth at night. I was being treated for a bad crick in my neck by Dr. Blanchard. My mother suggested I ask him if he could help my jaw pain. He indicated that he might be able to help. After examining my jaw, he explained that I had tmj, and explained how he could help my problem. After a course of adjustments to my jaw, I am free of the pain I endured for years. I have also decreased grinding my teeth at night. No matter what problems you may have, ask Dr. Blanchard if he can help. You may be pleasantly surprised as I was."

 - Calista McCloure

"Dr. Blanchard I want to thank you for what you have done for my neck and back. I went for over a year hurting and living with severe headaches. No, I did not want to spend the time coming to you nor did I want to spend the money but, for me I always try to weigh the total cost. I had already gone to the regular doctor for my headaches. She gave me meds which had horrible side effects and did not fix the cause of the pain. I tried my own fixes by stretching, popping, and flexing but to no avail. As a mechanic for about 15 years I had already seen too many guys go through surgery and come out worse than when they went in. What I am trying to say is that I knew the longer I waited the worse it would get and surgery was the next option which could possibly do more damage than good and definitely would not have been good. On top of all those costs, the financial cost would have been steep. I finally listened to my wife who has had tremendous results from you. I can't express how much you have helped me. The headaches have gone away and I feel so much better. Even the chronic lowe back problems (disc degeneration) has greatly improved. I should have listened to my wife earlier. (please don't let her see this letter.) I used to worry about the possibility of surgery, now I don't. Thank you so much for helping me.

Best wishes,"

 - John Pugh

"Dr. Blanchard was recommend to me by two friends and after a little skepticism and putting it off for quite some time, I thought I would give chiropractic care a try. I came to Dr. Blanchard's office in may suffering from neck and back pain and tension headaches. I had tried various medicines for the headaches and pain without success. Before he treated me, he took x-rays and explained why I was feeling pain. He presented a treatment plan where he could work on correcting the cause of my headaches and pain. I am so happy that I made that total commitment. Seeing him on a regular basis has made a huge difference. I was amazed at the improvement of the pain in my neck and spine after just a couple of weeks of adjustments. I am no longer taking pills to cover up the pain and the headaches. His commitment to improving the health of his patients is evident at each visit. The entire experience at Dr. Blanchard's office has been absolutely wonderful, and it is a privilege to recommend Dr. Blanchard to anyone considering chiropractic care."

 - Lisa Roberts

"Twenty years ago I ruptured a disc in my lower back. After talking with a surgeon it was decided to treat the disc with physical therapy. During the past twenty years I have been through physical therapy several times. I would get relief for a while but, never was completely pain free. In july this past year I decided to give Dr. Blanchard a try at the recommendation of a friend. After the first adjustment I could tell this was something I should have done twenty years ago. After two months I was pain free. Now seven months after beginning treatments I am still pain free and able to do things I had given up on ever being able to do again."

Thank you Dr. Blanchard!"

 - Bob Whitefield

"I arrived at Dr. Blanchard's office with an upper, middle, and lower severe back pain that I had for more than four months. I remember I was in terrible shape. I couldn't stand straight and had to place my hands on the chair while I was explaining my symptoms to Dr. Blanchard. After a thorough examination, Dr. Blanchard told me I had several areas of pinched nerves. He laid out a plan for me consisting of adjustments and physical therapy. My response has been wonderful. I would suggest that everybody who suffers from back pain try chiropractic. You will notice the difference."


 - Mr. Robles

"I would like to share my results and experience with cbt treatments from Dr. Blanchard. After receiving these treatments, I have been symptom free after years of chronic sinus infections. These episodes were so severe I was given steroids and antibiotics. The cbt treatments have also helped me with allergies I have suffered with my entire life. Dr. Blanchard also discovered that I had an abundance of candida in my system and that this was contributing to my health problems. So, along with the cbt treatments I did a yeast free diet for two weeks and now am candida free. The greatest relief from all the treatments has been a noticeable decrease in my chronic ibs symptoms that have plagued me from a very young age. I originally consulted Dr. Blanchard for severe pain in my back and neck (due to scoliosis and car wreck). I had been treated over the years with anti-inflammatory medications, pain medication, and muscle relaxers with minimal relief. Dr. Blanchard examined me and found that I had multiple pinched nerves. His gentle adjustments realigned my spine and brought great relief. Little did I know that during my adjustments, I would learn of a whole new way to approach healing for my entire body. I hope that sharing my story and experience with you will help you in your road to a healthy life."

 - Susan Clifton

"I began developing a rash over a year ago. At first, I was treating it with over the counter cortisone preparations. The rash would get slightly better, but would flare up. Over the course of time the rash became much worse. Initially my rectal area was affected. Then I started noticing that my knees and elbows were beginning to become red and irritated. Finally, my wife insisted that I go to my family doctor. He prescribed a steroid ointment, and some oral medication and suggested I take Benadryl. Not only was the rash worsening in appearance but, the itching was terrible. I was also becoming very self-conscious, and would not wear shorts or short sleeve shirts. My family doctor referred me to a dermatologist. He ran tests and diagnosed me as having an allergy to gluten. This puzzled my wife and I due to the fact that we did not regularly eat foods that were listed on the list of foods that contain gluten. Now in addition to the oral medication and the topical steroid medication, I began to follow the gluten elimination diet. My condition continued as before. My wife mentioned my problem to Dr. Blanchard. He suggested that I schedule an appointment for a cranio-biotic exam. This is a treatment that has proven successful in treating other stubborn cases of allergy. Dr. Blanchard ran the exam on me and determined that I did not have a gluten allergy but, did have a sub-clinical viral infection. I chose to begin treatment that day, and the treatment is very gentle. At first, I seemed to get worse but, within a month of beginning treatment, I was clear of the rash and terrible itching. My skin is now clear and healthy.

Thank you Dr. Blanchard."

 - Anonymous

"I am allergic to east Texas. Allergies began to plague me eight years ago but, since moving to Tyler 3 years ago, I find i'm allergic to or 9 additional growing things. Even with three additional medications, I still found myself plagued by frequent sinus infections and days of malaise and fogginess. When Dr. Blanchard became aware of how severe my allergies were, he suggested a new treatment called cbt. I chose to try it for two reasons. First, I trust Dr. Blanchard implicitly. He's been our family chiropractor for almost as along as we've been in Tyler and he always he's always provided us with superlative care. Second, I was so miserable that i'd have tried dancing under a full moon if he thought it would help! When he ran the diagnostics, we discovered I had an overgrowth of candida in my system. This yeast overgrowth can occur while someone is taking antibiotics, and I had ingested more than my share over two years of almost constant sinus infections. Dr. Blanchard explained to me that candida can "set up shop" in someone's sinuses and weaken them. Essentially, my system was caught up in a "catch 22" circumstance from which I had no idea how to escape. In addition to the candida overgrowth, I tested positive to dairy, eggs, gluten, soy, wheat, pollen, trees, animal hair/dander, and dust mites. As a part of my treatment, Dr. Blanchard gave me a two week diet to follow to eliminate the foods the candida thrived on. I found that I could follow the diet with ease. The cbt treatments that made up the rest of the program were almost like getting a massage. They felt wonderful. As a result of this new treatment, I no longer suffer with the sinus infections. I have more energy, and the fatigue and fogginess no longer plague me. I enjoy dairy, eggs, and gluten containing foods without distress. The results for me are nothing short of miraculous and, I would recommend this approach to anyone who struggles with the same difficulties. I have my life back."

 - Janet Mackey

"Dear Dr. Blanchard,

I just wanted to let you know that the craniobiotic treatment for lexy's milk allergy really helped her out. Before the treatment, our daughter would forcibly projectile vomit within 15 minutes of consuming anything with milk in it. We had take her to our pediatrician and all he could recommend was to avoid milk and milk containing products and substitute soy formula and soy based products. Since the cbt treatment, she is able to drink milk and eat other milk based products without any reaction. My wife and I appreciate the time and your compassion for Lexy. She is doing great, and we thank you again for your help.


 - Liz, Trey, and Lexy Ables

"Dear Dr. Blanchard

This is a note to thank you for the cbt treatments you did for me to help me overcome my allergy to dairy products. One of my favorite foods is cheese and before the treatment I suffered with lots of nasal/allergy congestion after consumption. Afterwards, I am able to enjoy eating cheese and other dairy products without allergic reactions. I would highly recommend this procedure to anyone who suffers from dairy intolerance. Thanks for helping me!! Also, the allergy to chocolate has been deleted with the cbt."

 - Nancy Ables

"As I walked down the hall, I took a deep breath as I approached a group of smokers. I was developing a strong reaction to even the faintest tobacco odor. I hoped to get past them before I needed to breathe again. That has been my routine for a number of years. A few weeks ago that routine changed. At the suggestion of Dr. Blanchard, I took part in the craniobiotic technique he has studied and offers to his patients. One understandably would be doubtful when first learning about the technique. I have such confidence in Dr. Blanchard from previous experiences that I did not hesitate to accept the attempts to improve my ability to deal with the allergies I have developed since coming to east Texas. My main concern was the seasonal miseries when wind brought in pollen to attack my breathing. The testing surfaced other reactions that I was aware of but had not considered debilitating allergies. Allergies to things like egg yoke, which I just did not eat. The day of the treatment I ate a chef salad and enjoyed every bite (including the hard boiled eggs) for the first time in years. I have not been able to take the flu shot because eggs are used in the incubation. I have also enjoyed a huge helping of fried rice without a severe headache brought on by soy. Those smokers on the sidewalk no longer cause me to experience breathing problems. The reaction to the pollen has improved significantly as well. What a blessing to discover an allergy treatment that does not require medicines causing sleepiness or uncomfortable shots. I do not understand the technique but, I am enjoying the results. I recommend that anyone suffering with allergies to give Dr. Martin Blanchard and cbt a chance to help. Based on my response, you will be happy you did!"

 - Anonymous

"Since august, 2007 I have seen how your techniques have helped my wife Brenda. She came to you with several problems and you have helped her tremendously! We are both grateful for that. I then decided it was my turn! After my evaluation you began treating me with the activator and the bio-cranial treatments. Both of which helped me as well. During this time you mentioned that you were learning a new treatment for allergies. After much thought and talking to you I decided this new allergy treatment might be right for me. I have always had chronic sinus problems and irritable bowel syndrome. Through the years I have tried allergy shots, diet changes and medications. All of which did not get rid of the problem. I then began the cbt testing and treatments with you. It was all very simple and easy to do. You found I had a candida infection. You began treatment and modified my diet for two weeks to help rid my body of a fungus. That worked! My colon has felt much better since then. The cbt treatment for the other allergies has also helped my sinus condition. I have not had the chronic sinusitis that would require me to take antibiotics. The cbt allergy testing and treatments have truly made a difference in my day to day "feeling good". The allergy testing and treatment definitely works! Thank you for caring, and helping my wife and me. Yours truly,"

 - Michael Liverman

"Just a quick note about the results of the bio-cranial therapy I received the other day. After I left your office and had driven a couple of blocks I noticed that I was enjoying a very happy, carefree feeling that I haven't had in several years. I felt so relaxed and carefree I almost felt giddy like a young man that just fell in love for the first time and that has been a really long time ago. Just wanted to let you know what a great job you are doing for my mental health by correcting my physical health.


 - Tim Lanthrum

"Dr. Blanchard first suggested bio-cranial therapy to me due to the stress I was trying to cope with. I admit I was very skeptical at first. However, after the first procedure, it really made me feel like a new person. My stressful situations have not changed but, my attitude toward life had. I felt at peace with myself and those around me. You like myself may not realize what stress can do to a person. It affects your logic, and every aspect of your life. You may not be able to change your environment, however, the bio-cranial procedure can set you free from the effects, and release a new you.


 - Martha Hamilton

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