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BioCranial Therapy was developed by Robert Boyd of Ireland. As an osteopathic doctor, Dr. Boyd was keenly interested in the function of the cranio-sacral system. He spent many years studying under the most respected cranial osteopathic doctors in Europe. Because of the fragmented nature of the teaching and the different methodologies he encountered, he has devoted his career to developing a unified method of treating lesions of the cranio-sacral system.

The cranial sacral system is a physiologic system like the neurological, circulatory, and respiratory systems.

The Membrane (Meningeal) System

The outer membrane of the system with the two inner-most layers surrounds and covers the brain, spinal cord and nerves as they exit the spine. This outer covering attaches to the skull, upper two spinal bones (vertebra) and the tail bone (coccyx). Fluid produced in the brain flows up and down from the head to the tail bone inside this semi-closed system. This fluid is called cerebrospinal fluid (CSF).


The cranio-sacral system is like a balloon containing cerebrospinal fluid that surrounds and bathes the central nervous system as it constantly flows around the brain and spinal cord providing necessary nutrition and drainage. It is a semi-enclosed biologic hydraulic system, and pulsates at about 10-12 cycles per minute. Tension within the cerebrospinal system restricts this pulsating movement of fluid and adversely affects the central nervous system and therefore, the body.


The dural membrane (outer layer of the meninges) is attached to the skull, 1st and 2nd bones of the spine, and the tail bone. These skull and spinal bones must move in connection with the pulsation of the membranes due to the pumping of the cerebrospinal fluid. When movement is restricted in the skull, 1st or 2nd spinal bones, or the tail bone; it adversely affects the function of the body.


Fascia is a connective tissue which forms a continuous sheath enveloping organs, muscles, blood vessels, and nerves throughout the body. The cranial sacral system connects to the fascia system which affects organs, muscles, blood vessels, and nerves in the body.


Before Dr. Boyd developed BioCranial therapy, treating the cranial sacral system was a complex and difficult process. His discovery has made treating lesions of the cranial sacral system more direct, with more ease, and requiring less time for the patient.

Dr. Boyd's discovery of anatomical flexion led to the development of a means of improving anatomical function the pivotal joint (hinge) at the base of the skull. The most fascinating part of the therapy lies in using the patient's own muscle system to effect a correction of the lesion that inhibits anatomical flexion. Anatomical flexion at the pivotal joint is vital to health because, if the joint cannot flex to the fullest extent the skull bones cannot move with the pumping of the cerebrospinal fluid and tension develops in the system. This has an adverse and damaging effect on the function of the nervous system. Accordingly, since the nervous system controls every other function (heart, liver, stomach, kidney, etc) the effects to one's health is substantial.

The causes for lesions developing in the cranial system are numerous. There are three main causes. These are also the three main causes of spinal subluxation (misalignment of spinal bones).


Yes, we all have had trauma. From the time we were born to adulthood, all have had many what we would call minor traumas and some of us have had major ones too. Think back to your earlier years. Ever jump off of a high fence, fall to the ground, land on your tail bone, wrestle, or raise up and bump your head? Have you ever witnessed childbirth? The birthing process is traumatic. There are major forces exerted on the head, neck, and torso during both Cesarean and normal births. These forces cause subluxations (misalignments) of the spine, and lesions within the cranial sacral system.


With the exception of our very early years when we are nursed, our diets haven't always been the best. Of course, we know more now about how important nutrition is for our health. Too much sugar for instance, upsets the delicate balance of the many neuroendocrine functions. This upset in neuroendocrine balance stresses the nervous system and cerebrospinal system. Think about the stress caused by taking prescription and non-prescription drugs to the delicate balance of body chemistry. Just read the list of adverse effects and contraindications that are listed on the inserts of these drugs.


Ah, the stress brought on by life. Job, family issues, and financial affairs all add up and these are just a few of the stresses with which we deal. We all have been told that stress causes ulcers but, how? Stress leads to tension in the the cranial sacral and nervous system. Thus, a viscous self repeating cycle.


So, what does this all mean and what can you do about it? Although, the BioCranial technique cannot remove the traumas, toxins, and stresses from your life, it can reset your nervous system back to a more normal physiological state. Things such as fatigue, tension, headaches and many other common ailments have responded well to BioCranial therapy. BioCranial therapy is simple, painless, and drug free therefore there are no side effects to worry about. It takes minutes to perform in our office during your regular visit. As a patient of our office you are among the few in Texas that can receive the benefits of this groundbreaking new therapy. Ask Dr. Blanchard today for more information.

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